SMT Solder Pastes

Our dedicated offer of solder pastes for the SMT process, combining different alloys, powder size and flux media for printing, dispensing and assemblies.

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High Reliability

As some electronics are used for people’s safety or expected to operate under extreme conditions for many years, standard solder pastes may technically not be up to the task resulting in premature failure of the electronics.


Most no-clean flux residues after reflow are chemically inert to only some extend and cleaning or in other words, defluxing is an option still not always desired.

Inventec targeted from the early days high reliability applications. We were one of the first companies providing halogen-free formulations and to use BONO test to confirm the reliability of our solder products. This allowed us to fine-tune over those years well balanced solder solutions with highly inert flux residues.


The strength of the solder joint is defined by the mechanical reliability properties of the alloy. Some electronic assemblies have to deal with fast and extreme temperature changes, high temperatures, vibrations or need some resistance to drops. Choosing the right alloys for a particular need is key.

In the past, leaded alloys where the solution to electronic assemblies exposed to extreme temperature changes but due to environmental concerns they have been prohibited to use (with a few exceptions). Lead free alternatives, like SAC405, SAC378 and other variations have been introduced over the years. Inventec’s R&D team is constantly looking for improvements in this field.

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Technical support

Inventec has a worldwide dedicated Technical Support team to help you along the different stages of our cooperation.

Depending on your request, we provide online or onsite support

  • to select the right product based on your specific needs
  • to assist you in your product qualification process
  • to guide you with the initial set up of you process at all your worldwide manufacturing facilities
  • to provide fast response on technical issues which could occur at any time during mass production.
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Technical support
Free-of-Charge cleaning & coating trials

Free-of-Charge cleaning & coating trials

Do you need cleaning or coating after soldering? We provide FREE-OF-CHARGE cleaning or coating trials in our Technical Centers. A comprehensive technical report detailing all test results and recommendations regarding process & process parameters will be provided. It is also possible to attend trials in person.

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