Ecorel™ Free 387-28

  • SAC387 lead free solder paste
  • No clean SMT printing process
  • Robust assembly process

ECOREL FREE 387-28 is especially designed for high volume & complex boards assembly. The paste has a very good pin-in-paste performance within a large process window to achieve flawless, reproducible & stable operation. Furthermore, it shows ideal performance when soldering medium to large boards.

ECOREL FREE 387-28 formulation is also available in other alloys and particle sizes upon request.





  • Very good wetting properties to all surface finishes, including OSP
  • Robust assembly under a large process window
  • Low flux spattering & low residue spread


  • Minimizes line-down time & the need for re-work
  • Maximizes throughput


  • Lead Free
  • Free of CMR containing substances


The best process will depend on factors such as operating conditions, equipment, board or component design. Check our product datasheet for info on process recommendations. Be assured, our team is ready to advise and assist you in the implementation of our products.