Oxides & Mineral residues removal

Removal of oxides & mineral residues removal from various metals and alloys, according to your desired process.

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The presence of corrosion from sensitive metals can be the source of a malfunction (breakdown or accident) or reduces the quality of certain operations like painting, marking, protection, varnishing or gluing. Eliminating all traces of corrosion is therefor essential to maintain the quality and reliability of the finished good.

The use of dangerous de-oxidation products such as mineral acids (hydrochloric, nitric, and sulfuric) requires the implementation of restrictive and costly measures.

The use of phosphoric acid-based solutions has environmental consequences such as the depletion of natural phosphorus resources or the development of aquatic pollution due to the eutrophication mechanism. (development of algae due to the excess of phosphorus released).

INVENTEC has developed solutions that can replace in most cases these dangerous & unsustainable products. It is based on new generation of de-oxidizing fluids without mineral compounds or without phosphorus , making it possible to match  excellent de-oxidation with sustainability and safety.

In case you also need a temporary protection against corrosion in between production step, check out the following link: OIL REMOVAL

To protect metal parts for a longer time, you can check out our coating section via this link: COATINGS

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  • Promoclean range - our waterbased cleaners

    Promoclean™ TP 178

    • Removing oxides, minerals residues & diamond liquid polishing
    • Aqueous immersion process with ultrasonics
    • Substitute of phosphoric acid based cleaners
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Technical support

Inventec has a worldwide dedicated Technical Support team to help you along the different stages of our cooperation.

Depending on your request, we provide online or onsite support

  • to select the right product based on your specific needs
  • to assist you in your product qualification process
  • to guide you with the initial set up of you process at all your worldwide manufacturing facilities
  • to provide fast response on technical issues which could occur at any time during mass production.
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Technical support
Free-of-Charge cleaning & coating trials

Free-of-Charge cleaning & coating trials

In order to know if our products reach your expectations on your specific part and according to your desired process, we provide FREE-OF-CHARGE cleaning trials in our Technical Centers. A comprehensive technical report detailing all test results and recommendations regarding process & process parameters will be provided. You want to attend the trials? We are happy to welcome you.

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