Electronic & Semicon Cleaning

Water- & solvent based cleaning solutions dedicated for the electronic assembly & semicon industry and suited for your desired process.

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SMT glue removal

The purpose of an adhesive is to bond 2 substrates firmly together. For this reason breaking the bond and removing the adhesive can be a difficult job.

As there are many different kind of adhesives on the market, we recommend to contact us with your specific application in case you want to remove cured adhesives.

Un-cured electronic adhesives however are more easier to clean and for this we have some proven products in our range.

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We only show below the most relevant and newest products in our range. If you don`t find a specific product, you will probably find it with our search option.

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    • Multi-purpose cleaner
    • Manual cleaning
    • Non-flammable

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  • quicksolv DEF90 aerosol


    • Multi-purpose cleaner for degreasing & defluxing
    • Manual cleaner in aerosol packaging
    • Non-flammable & fast evaporation

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  • Tailor-made solution

    You do not find the perfect product ? We can also offer you some tailor-made solution
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    • Oil & dust removal for dielectric cleaning
    • For manual spray equipment
    • Safe & fast cleaning under power

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    • Multi-purpose electronics cleaning
    • Manual process
    • Higher flashpoint vs IPA

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Technical support

Inventec has a worldwide dedicated Technical Support team to help you along the different stages of our cooperation.

Depending on your request, we provide online or onsite support

  • to select the right product based on your specific needs
  • to assist you in your product qualification process
  • to guide you with the initial set up of you process at all your worldwide manufacturing facilities
  • to provide fast response on technical issues which could occur at any time during mass production.
Technical support
Free-of-Charge cleaning trials

Free-of-Charge cleaning trials

In order to know if our products reach your expectations on your specific part and according to your desired process, we provide FREE-OF-CHARGE cleaning trials in our Technical Centers. A comprehensive technical report detailing all test results and recommendations regarding process & process parameters will be provided. You want to attend the trials? We are happy to welcome you.

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