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Coatings protect electronic devices or sensitive substrates against the environment they are exposed to. They improve the reliability and hence extend the overall life-time of your product.

Inventec has developed over the years experience in coating applications through the need of compatibility requirements with our solder & cleaning products.

We build a strong partnership with ABchimie & 3M to offer their coating products along with our technical support. We also developed our own ultra-thin & epilame coatings under the Promosolv™ Coat brand to cover some specific needs in the market.

Highlighted products

  • Ultra-thin hydrophobic & oleophobic coating
  • Dipping & spray process
  • Easy & fast process
  • 3M Novec 1700 replacement
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ABchimie 746E UV LED
  • Conformal coating cured by UV LED
  • Selective spray, spray gun & brush
  • Fast curing & no VOC
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