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Inventec detergent cleaning Cleaning

With nearly 60 years experience, Inventec can truthfully be called a pioneer in the cleaning industry which has led to a wide range of cleaning products for mechanical and electronic applications.

Our products go beyond the technical performance required by industry standards and environmental legislation. Development focuses on the latest industry challenges by taking reliability, compatibility and sustainability into account.

We cover water and solvent based processes or a combination of both, called hybrid processes.

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Highlighted products

Promoclean™ TP 1113
  • Oil & Grease removal
  • Aqueous immersion process with ultrasonics
  • Excellent for cleaning of Titanium & Aluminium
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Promosolv™ DR1 T
  • Solvent for rinsing & spotless fast drying
  • Co-solvent cleaning & drying process
  • Very low HSE impact & made from recycled solvent
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Solutions ranges

Inventec brands: Topklean™ - Promosolv™ - Promoclean™ – Quicksolv™
Our partner’s brands: 3M NOVEC™ - BLUE GOLD - M-AERO

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