• Hydrocarbon oil & grease removal
  • Co-solvent process
  • Sustainable alternative to perchloroethylene & nPB

TOPKLEAN MC 20A is especially designed to remove hydrocarbon oils & greases from all metals and most plastics. It could also remove a small quantity of water-soluble oils and minerals but need to be evaluated & tested before. It  brings a shiny effect on sensitive alloys & metals.  It is used in co-solvent process to offer a fast & sustainable cleaning process in accordance with the latest and future environmental regulations with very high cleaning efficiency. It is the only solvent process which can reach even better cleaning efficiency levels (kb values) than nPB, perchloroethylene and other hazardous alternatives.

In a Co-solvent process, TOPKLEAN MC 20A is rinsed perfectly with Hydrofluoroethers (HFE) based rinsing fluids from 3MTM NovecTM or our own PROMOSOLVTM range. Thanks to the very low surface tension of HFE, the rinsing will penetrate into the very tight or difficult to reach spaces. It will dissolve any remaining contaminations, resulting in very low contamination levels. Besides, compared with a water based cleaning system, there is no risk of corrosion due to the absence of residual water left on the parts.

TOPKLEAN MC 20A together with the co-solvent process has been a game changer for over 15 years now and is qualified and used by several actors in the automotive, aerospace and micromechanics industry.



This is not a product

Although fully in line with safety & environmental regulations, this product doesn`t match our strict criteria to be labelled as a Greenway product.



  • We currently don`t have a Greenway alternative but our target is to develop one in the near future. In case you want us to prioritize the development of a Greenway alternative, do not hesitate to contact us.
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  • Excellent solubility of organic & mineral residues
  • Excellent compatibility with all metals, glasses, ceramic & many plastics
  • Perfect cleaning, even in tight spaces and under low stand-off components
  • Allows shining effect to sensitive alloys & metals


  • Fast process allows increase in production capacity
  • Rinsing fluid is constantly recycled, limiting consumption.
  • No water consumption & no need for wastewater treatment


  • Low toxicity (refer to the SDS)
  • No Ozon Depletion Potential (ODP) & no Global Warming Potential (GWP)
  • High flash point – safe to use, storage & transport
  • No aromatics & halogenated compounds

Process examples

The best process will depend on factors such as operating conditions, equipment, desired cleaning time and the nature of contaminants. Our team is ready to advise you.

Mixed co-solvent process for HC oil & grease removal

Separated co-solvent process for HC oil & grease removal

  • A dedicated PCA Kit to monitor the bath status and compatibility report of TOPKLEAN MC 20A with different materials are available on request.