Promosolv™ DR3

  • Solvent for rinsing & spotless fast drying
  • Co-solvent cleaning & drying process
  • Solubilization of silicon & fluorinated lubricants

PROMOSOLV DR3 is especially designed to replace rinsing solvents with a high HSE impact and to offer a product in accordance with the latest and future environmental regulations. It can be used in combination with our TOPKLEANTM range to offer an environmentally friendly solvent solution for degreasing without compromising on high cleaning performance. The very low surface tension allows to penetrate very tight spaces, making sure any cleaning chemistry is fully removed. Additionally it can be used to solubilize fluorinated and silicon lubricants.



  • Thermally and chemically stable in use
  • The very low surface tension allows deep rinsing of parts with complex geometry
  • Short rinsing and drying times


  • Continuous recycling in equipment for a long bath-life
  • Can be returned for recycling and re-use
  • The relative high boiling point reduces risk of solvent drag, so limiting consumption


  • Very low toxicity (refer to the SDS)
  • No Ozon Depletion Potential (ODP) & low Global Warming Potential (GDP)
  • Non-flammable

Process examples

The best process will depend on factors such as operating conditions, equipment, desired cleaning time and the nature of contaminants. Our team is ready to advise you.

Separated Co-solvent

Mono-solvent solubilization of Fluorinated lubricant