Topklean™ EL 606

  • Removal of solder paste on stencils & misprinted PCB’s
  • Aqeous spray or immersion process
  • Fast cleaning with very low HSE impact

TOPKLEAN EL 606 is especially designed to clean stencils and misprinted PCB’s from unsoldered solder paste used in SMT processes. Most uncured SMT adhesives can also be cleaned. It`s delivered as a pure product and need to be mixed with DI water.

The neutral pH of TOPKLEAN EL 606 guarantees a long lasting use of all stencils and stencil cleaning equipment of major brands on the market today.



  • Excellent & fast cleaning even with a neutral pH
  • No foaming
  • Long bath life due to excellent filterability


  • No rinsing needed
  • Cleaning at room temperature
  • Fast cleaning cycles possible


  • Very low toxicity
  • RoHS & REACH compliant
  • pH neutral, non corrosive.
  • Non flammable & no flashpoint, which eliminates the need for explosion proof equipment.

Process examples