Promoclean™ TP 178

  • Removing oxides, minerals residues & diamond liquid polishing
  • Aqueous immersion process with ultrasonics
  • Substitute of phosphoric acid based cleaners
Promoclean TP178

PROMOCLEAN TP 178 is especially designed for removal of oxides, minerals residues (such as lime scale or finger traces) and diamond liquid polishing in an aqueous immersion process. Having a acid pH, it provides excellent cleaning performance and can be used on most metals such as Inox, ferrous alloys,  Copper, Titanium, Aluminium, Gold & Silver. This product can also be used as a brightening agent to make brass & light alloys more shiny. However, the right dilution and process parameters need to be confirmed. It`s a concentrated product which is used diluted with DI water. Thanks to its excellent chelating properties it can be also diluted with tap water without risk of lime deposits.

From sustainability point of view, PROMOCLEAN TP 178 does not contain phosphorus compounds and helps to limit the ecological degradation of water bodies & rivers.




  • Excellent deoxidation power
  • No risk of phosphating ferrous metals
  • Compatibility with most metals, including sensitive ones


  • High chelating power, reducing lime deposits
  • High cleaning power even at low concentration
  • Reduce the cost of wastewater treatment


  • Non-toxic & no CMR substances
  • Low environmental impact: No phosphorus compound
  • No mineral acid such as hydrochloric nitric or sulfuric acids

Process examples

The best process will depend on factors such as operating conditions (in particular the time between the complete polymerization and the cleaning operation), equipment, desired cleaning time and the nature of contaminants. Our team is ready to advise you.