PCA KIT Promoclean™ Disper 6

  • Process control analysis kit

Thanks to PCA KIT by INVENTEC, the concentration of the bath can be measured and so can be adjusted rapidly if needed. Handle and regularly check the cleaning process this way gives the guarantee of a straight-line cleaning quality, a smooth production and also preventive of the cleaning bath.



  • Around 50 measures can be done with PCA KIT
  • Suitable for all INVENTEC products from PROMOCLEAN™ TP and PROMOCLEAN™ DISPER ranges.
  • Simple and fast method, changing colour chemical reaction.
  • Easy to use for everybody and everywhere.


  • Space-saving equipment to measure the concentration of a PROMOCLEAN™ bath.
  • Low cost of using

Process Parameters

Avoid the contact of the products with the skin, the eyes and the clothes. The products must be handled using safety glasses and gloves.

Preparing the solution: Rinse properly, with demineralized water, the beaker and the test-tube. Then dry the equipment. Take, with the piston pipette, the sample in the tank of the cleaning machine and pour it into the beaker. Complete with demineralized water with the test-tube.

Titration of the solution: Add, 3 drops of colored indicator. Shake to homogenize. The solution gets colored. Counting the drops, add the solution of the dropper, to see a color change. Shake the beaker with circular movement while pouring the drops. Add drops until the color doesn’t change anymore: then, stop adding drops.

Determine the concentration of the bath: Refer to the table to determine the concentration of the bath according to the number of drops poured. This table is given by INVENTEC sales with the PCA KIT.