Introducing Thermasolv™

Today, we are excited to introduce our new product range – Thermasolv dielectric cooling fluids. These fluids are specifically designed for electronic and electric applications and provide superior thermal management and protection for your equipment. Thermasolv fluids ensures optimal performance and prolonged lifespan for your devices. Whether you’re looking to cool down high-powered electronics, protect heat sensitive equipment or looking for an alternative way to cool servers & super computers, this solution has got you covered.

In the past 2 years, we have developed and introduced Thermasolv fluids to some selected customers, with a successful implementation. We are now ready to roll it out and let you join in on the benefits of these cooling fluids.

Our website will be updated shortly with more information about this new product range and how it can benefit your electronic and electric applications. In the meantime, you can download our brochure or contact us for more information. Experience the difference with Thermasolv today!


BROCHURE Thermasolv – EN