Business continuity – COVID 19 Coronavirus

First of all, Inventec wishes to express its greatest solidarity to people affected by the COVID-19 virus around the world.

Given the rapid spread of Covid-19 worldwide, the different governments have imposed government measures that severely limit the mobility of people, and we respect the measures imposed by each government.

Inventec ensures its business continuity :

Be assured that Inventec is concerned about the citizens’ health and takes all necessary precautions to protect its employees and customers during this period. Also, we have imposed travel restrictions to avoid potential exposure and spread of the virus.
Also, to protect the health of our employees and our citizens, most of our employees now work from home with remote access to the company’s database management system.

Therfore, we remain able to maintain our activity without interruption and we are at your disposal to answer any question or concern on this subject.

Awaiting for better days, take care of yourself and your loved ones!