Quicksolv™ DEF90

  • Multi-purpose cleaner for degreasing & defluxing
  • Manual cleaning
  • Non-flammable & fast evaporation

QUICKSOLV DEF90 is a multi-purpose industrial cleaner for manual cleaning of oils, greases, organic residues & solder flux residues. Thanks to its low surface tension and reactive substances it permits to solubilize most of organic pollutants. Its fast evaporation allows substantial reduction in cleaning time.

QUICKSOLV DEF90 is a non-flammable product and is a drop-in replacement for flammable solvents like gasoline, isopropanol or acetone or any flammable cleaning products. It’s formulated with safety, health of operators and environment in mind.

It can be used for many applications:

  • Maintenance of mechanical parts
  • Degreasing of low volume production of metal parts in micromechanical & mechanical industry
  • Defluxing of printed circuits in rework or low volume production.
  • Removal metals particles in additive manufacturing
  • It can also remove certain residues of glue, varnish, coatings or polymerized materials, but subject to prior tests.




  • Removal of all type of organic residues
  • Fast, efficient and easy cleaning
  • Compatible with all metals


  • Can also be used in a tank without heating
  • Reduce cleaning time


  • Non-toxic & no CMR substances
  • Low environmental impact: low GWP, No ODP
  • Non flammable & no flash point – safe substitution to IPA & other flammable cleaners


QUICKSOLV DEF 90 is only suitable for manual use. It can be applied by spray & brush or by dipping & brushing in a simple immersion tank (no heating, no ultrasonics, or spray,...) The cleaning time depends on the amount of residue and time between each maintenance. We recommend frequent cleaning for a more efficient cleaning process. Regular cleaning decreases the overall cleaning time, consumption of cleaning chemistry.

Manual spray & brush