ABchimie 42K UV LED

  • UV LED soft resin
  • High viscosity

ABchimie42K-UV LED is a soft one component resin, UV curable which have a good adhesion on many substrates. It can be applied in high thickness deposit (few mm). Its curing is immediate with UV LED radiations.
ABchimie42K-UV LED gives local protection for your components, especially against humidity and high electric pressure. It also can be applied to bring robustness to your systems.

Approved UL94 V0 (QMJU2-E308681)



  • Protection against humid and thermal environments
  • Excellente adhesion on many substrates (PCB, plastics,…),
  • Product cured until 5mm-thickness
  • Very fast curing under UV exposure


  • Investment cost reduction as space ground reduced compared with solvent bases
  • High speed process, increase of the productivity


  • No VOC
  • REACH & RoHs compliant



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It is important to use the appropriate UV equipment, as well as the recommended settings for the best results

  • UV Mercury lamp  (395nm)

Minimum UVA2 dose : 2 000mJ/cm2 (100μm)