Topklean™ EL 20D

  • Cleaning agent for removal of flux residues
  • Solvent vacuum process
  • Environmental friendly alternative to perchlorethylene & nPB

TOPKLEAN EL 20D is especially designed to replace solvents with a high HSE impact such as nPB and perchloroethylene and to offer a product in accordance with the latest and future environmental regulations. It is used in vacuum process to offer an environmentally friendly solvent solution without compromising on high cleaning performance. It is dedicated to remove no-clean leaded and lead free flux residues.



  • Excellent cleanability of flux residues
  • Excellent compatibility with all metals & plastics
  • Neutral pH product


  • Continuous recycling in equipment for a long bath-life
  • Limited consumption thanks to airtight equipment
  • Thermally and chemically stable in use, so no need of using an additive


  • Very low toxicity (refer to the SDS)
  • No Ozon Depletion Potential (ODP) & low Global Warming Potential (GDP)
  • High flash point (non-flammable for transport)
  • No aromatics & halogenated compounds

Process examples

The best process will depend on factors such as operating conditions, equipment, desired cleaning time and the nature of contaminants. Our team is ready to advise you.