Free-of-charge cleaning test

A little history lesson

Cleaning TestIn the early days of precision cleaning, providing advice on which cleaning agent to use was relatively simple. There where only a few products on the market which performed very well for most applications. However, most of these products back then where not great for health and environment. The more sustainable solutions developed, where unfortunately not as effective in cleaning.

This forced Inventec to change its business model. From being a distributor, we became a formulator to develop specific products, adapted to the nature of the contaminant and to the substrate or material of the part to be cleaned. This to offer to our customers a product which cleaned well, not damaging the part to be cleaned and was sustainable at the same time.

Today’s challenges

Because of the above, we now have over 200 different cleaning formulations in our portfolio. With new materials and technologies entering the market every day, also new dedicated cleaning solution are required. So testing has become part of our daily business because sometimes a clear cut answer is not possible. For some specific applications, we may only be able based on testing to select the right product out of our existing portfolio. It may also trigger the development of a new product.

Choosing the right cleaning process

There are several different cleaning processes available. Which cleaning process to choose? Some processes works better than other for certain contaminant, the material or shape of the parts. Testing can also help to advice you on the best process. Inventec has several different cleaning equipment in their test centers to represent the different processes: aqueous or solvent based, vacuum, immersion, spray or flushing.

Do not invest before you know what works

We understand that customers require a 100% confirmation that our proposed solution works before making an investment in equipment. A comprehensive technical report detailing all test results and recommendations regarding process & process parameters will be provided. It`s also possible to attend the trials, if you want a closer look at process and equipment.

What do we need?

  • The parts to be cleaned, representing as close as possible the real situation of contaminants
  • The desired level of cleaness,  which could be based on standards or on your own specification
  • An estimation of the amount of parts to be cleaned in one batch and expected time of each cleaning cycle.
  • The desired process, when you already have a cleaning process installed.

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Cleaning test