Ecofrec™ CMA 155

  • Solvent based high rosin liquid flux
  • suitable for all fluxing processes
  • Very good wetting & easy to clean

ECOFREC CMA 155 is a high rosin flux that presents a very good wetting and is easy to clean in a solvent or detergent process. It contains halogen , which helps to solve soldering problems encountered in professional as well as top quality consumer applications. ECOFREC CMA 155 provides uniform, bright and mildly charged soldering. The tinning on power lines show no dewetting. They are uniform, without any side outflow or dropping.




  • High rosin content (14%)
  • Compatible with different PCB lead-free finishing as Ni/Au, Sn, Ag, HAL and OSP
  • Excellent wetting
  • Easy to clean


  • problem solver for difficult to solder applications


  • No CMR substances

Process Recommendation

The best process will depend on factors such as operating conditions, equipment, board or component design. Check our product datasheet for info on process recommendations. In any case, our team is ready to advise and assist you in the implementation of our products.