Join Inventec for a webinar on eco-circularity

Today, Inventec´s experience provides immediate solutions to the industries complying with the most demanding regulations.
In a eco-circularity approach, Inventec’s Ecoprogram service is dedicated to the recycling and recovery of polluted fluorinated solvents.
The ecoprogram reduces the impact of high-tech cleaning processes on the environment and, beyond this benefit, promotes a circular economy that gives leadership to industries and helps them contribute to a better world.

To learn more, attend the webinar « The Greenway of high technology cleaning, in a circular economy approach, by Inventec » on Friday, December 10.

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Name of event: Congreso de Fabricación Aditiva y Desarrollo de Materiales.
Date: December 10,2021.
Schedule: from 9:00 to 10:00am (Mexico time)
Conference name: The greenway of high technology cleaning, in a circular economy, by Inventec.