Promoclean Oven 4

  • Cleaning of baked-on flux residues for maintenance of equipment
  • Water based emulsion for manual application
  • Fast cleaning & environmental friendly
Promoclean Oven 4

Especially designed for manual cleaning of all types of baked-on flux residues left on reflow oven parts, conveyor fingers in wave soldering equipment and waves carriers. Thanks to its excellent wettability and reactive substances it contributes to a fast maintenance process. Promoclean Oven 4 has a medium alkaline pH allows an efficient cleaning without damaging sensitive metals or alloys. It is a ready-to-use product that does not need to be diluted.



  • Removal of all types of baked-on flux residues
  • Fast & efficient cleaning
  • Easy to use


  • Low consumption because of the low evaporation rate
  • Reduces substantially equipment downtime


  • Non-toxic & no CMR substances
  • Low environmental impact: No GWP, No ODP & Low VOC
  • Non flammable / safe substitution to IPA & other flammable cleaners

Application guidelines

Manual use only

application guideline Promoclean Oven 4

Promoclean Oven 4 is only suitable for manual use. As it is designed to release it reactive agents quickly, it has a very short bath-life when used in a cleaning equipment. We recommend Promoclean Disper 610 for cleaning in an immersion or spray equipment.

The cleaning time depends on the amount of residue and time between each maintenance. We recommend frequent cleaning for a more efficient cleaning process. Regular cleaning decreases the overall cleaning time, consumption of cleaning chemistry and expands the life time of your equipment.

As the product is non-flammable, the product can be used on medium hot surfaces (maximum 80°C/ 176°F), reducing the downtime of your equipment.