Inventec acquires PUS (Pure Ultrasonic Systems)

Inventec & PUS : An opportunity to boost development for Additive Manufacturing & Semicon industry.

Inventec Performance Chemicals, a global provider of Soldering, Cleaning & Coating solutions, acquired PUS (Pure Ultrasonic System) in April 2021. PUS’ main activities are the production of equipment (solder powder atomizers and sieving machines) and the production of solder powders, from its own process.

By acquiring PUS, Inventec saw an opportunity to create a synergy in the additive manufacturing industry. Inventec supplies the 3D market for high-tech application, with its cleaning, particle elimination & finishing products, while PUS provides sieving, recycling and depowdering, to provide a circular economy solution for this fast-developing market.

Furthermore, the addition of PUS will strengthen Inventec’s know-how in metallurgy, for the development of solder pastes, with ultrafine powders and specialty alloys for the semicon industry. Adapting to an evolving industry, this acquisition allows Inventec to innovate and meet worldwide customers’ needs.


PURE ULTRASONIC SYSTEMS is a French expert for ultrasonic atomization and ultrasonic sieving. At its creation, PUS first specialized in atomization and sieving equipment, manufacturing devices for ultrasonic atomization of solder powder for electronic assembly. 10 years later, PUS is still innovating to develop new equipment and powders for the Additive Manufacturing Market.

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