Dielectric protection -Inerting - Halon

Empty fire extinguishers: we can proceed to their destruction or to their re-qualification.

After transferring HALON from fire extinguishers to recovery packaging, we send these gases for incineration, to certified centers with whom Inventec has special agreements.


The Protocol of Montreal aims to reduce the world's ozone layer depleting gas emissions such as CFC, HCFC and HALON.

Inventec can:

  • Dismantle facilities; with its on-site service team (technicians trained to deactivate fire extinguisher for facilities to be dismantled). This operation consists in making the release system and the circuit gas safe.
  • Our industrial sites of Bry Sur Marne (94), Marseille (13) and Saint Priest (69) have all the necessary Prefecture Authorizations for Halons collection and treatment.


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