Oxygen cleaning and particle elimination

There are different constraints for the cleaning of parts in contact with oxygen or for the particle elimination:

  • white room,
  • size of the particles,
  • process constraint like flushing (cleaning parts by parts or multiplication of the finishing baths), analysis and control of baths, drying with out spot
  • the compatibility


And to this, we need to add the compliance with products having oxygen homologations:

  • Respiratory
  • Combustible
  • Aeronautical, Spatial, Medical, Military and Automotive requirements


And to answer to some norms

  • RNV
  • NAS 1638 for the particle counting


Thanks to the close collaboration with expert in formulation of products adapted to these applications, Inventec can offer a large range of products and assist you in the best process for your cleaning operations.


 Inventec Oxygen cleaning and particle elimination


Non-exhaustive list, INVENTEC assists you in the study of the compatibility of pollutants with the product and in the process definition adapted to your need.


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