Precision Cleaning

Today, the requirements and implementation of industrial cleaning have evolved considerably, making this trade an area of expertise.

It is necessary to meet a high level of cleanliness in multiple types of high-tech industries, to have the capacity for innovation and environmental protection at the best cost.

Our precision cleaning solutions therefore meet the highest requirements.

  • Worker protection, compliance to regulations (F-GAZ, REACH) and brand protection
  • Substitution of toxic and emitting chemicals (PERC, TRI, non CMR…)
  • Industry Homologations (Aero, Auto, Electronics….)
  • Internal client requirements (specification, technical, cost, process, HSEQ, etc...)
  • Materials compatibility
  • Operational studies (space, equipment, energy, flammability..)

GREENWAY™, a new corporate identity and a real opportunity of « green growth » for our customers.

Greenway is a certification that validates a successful eco-design of our products or services, verified by a third party such as Bureau Veritas. 1/3 of parameters impacting the environment or safety are improved without degrading the others while maintaining the technical performances. It is part of a continuous improvement that allows us to anticipate the future needs of our customers and the requirements to come.


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