Quicksolv™ N° 2


Used as a cold degreaser, QUICKSOLV™ N°2 is specially formulated to degrease all kind of materials by manual application or by dipping into a sump.

QUICKSOLV™ N°2 is a colorless, concentrated hydrocarbon based product with a very low viscosity and a slight odour. It consists of a mixture of aliphatic hydrocarbons and an oxygenated polar compound. This product is designed to replace efficiently trichloroethylene and other existing solvents having an ODP.

Its very low surface tension and its fast evaporation provide remarkable cleaning qualities. Drying can be improved with clean compressed air, warm air or by using INVENTEC’s products, NOVEC or PROMOSOLV.

The QUICKSOLV™ N°2 cleaning agent is CMR-substance free, exempt from aromatics, emulsifying agents, builders and other complex chemicals and therefore has less impact on the environment than traditional degreasers.

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