Quicksolv™ N° 2


Used as a cold degreaser, QUICKSOLV™ N°2 is specially formulated to degrease any kind of materials by manual application or by dipping into a vat.

 QUICKSOLV™ N°2 is a colorless, concentrated hydrocarbon  product based with a very low viscosity and a slight odor, a blend of aliphatic hydrocarbons, oxygenated polar compounds and a corrosion inhibitor. This product was designed to be a substitute for 1,1,1-trichlorethane and other existing ODP solvents.

Its high penetrating power and its fast evaporation offer outstanding cleaning features. Drying can be improved with clean compressed air or warm air.

The QUICKSOLV™ N°2 cleaning agent is free from aromatics, chlorinated products, emulsifying agents or other complex compounds and therefore is more health and environmentally friendly than traditional degreasers.

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