Waste regulation

In order to eliminate the actual relation between growth and waste production, the European Union has adopted a legal framework to control the whole waste cycle, from production to disposal, highlighting the recovery and recycling. The actual directive implements a legal framework for waste treatment within the European Community. It aims to protect Health and the Environment by preventing waste production and managing toxic effects.


  • Directive 2008/98 – Waste

Any manufacturer or holder of waste has to proceed to their treatment by himself or with a trader, corporation or company. The member states have to cooperate, if necessary, to obtain the creation of a network of waste disposal facilities. This network should allow European Union independence concerning waste treatment.
In order to protect the environment, the member states have to take measures for waste treatment respecting the following hierarchy:
- prevention
- preparation for recycling;
- recycling;
- other reuse, especially energy
- disposal.

Inventec services:

Inventec services are based on company' expertise achieved over 40 years in the High Technology sector. The advice from our local experts worldwide enhances this know-how.
Inventec develops the product offering, always with the same philosophy of respect for the Environment, regulations and ethics.
Inventec's services:
• Engineering service
audit and implementation of gases and liquid storage
facilities audit and installations for waste products treatments,
• Process services
definition and optimization processes: design, prescription, implementation, follow up and control,
• "Eco" service
product life cycle management throughout the products' analysis, recovery, regeneration or destruction.
Inventec also provides customized advices, particularly for classified installations and end-of-life product recycling.

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