Technical performance

For our customers, High Tech equipment manufacturers, product performance and especially process performance are crucial. In our laboratories, we develop proven products that have been regularly tested on our pilot lines and on our partners' lines. Inventec's Knowhow consists first and foremost in its product formulation but also in implementation of these products.
The research to ensure perfect efficiency of our products in equipment is precise and rigorous. The compatibility between our products and our customers' industrial environment is very closely studied. We contribute to the elaboration of technical norms within associations integrating the entire supply chain of our different markets.
We also contribute to regular and relevant communication between the applications covered (often niche markets) and National or European institutions. This leads to better governance through more realistic regulations.
Innovation remains the key factor of Inventec's success in offering better performing and less hazardous products, and also enables better risk master.
Our investments in application research represent almost 10% of turnover.
On average, we create 1 new product per quarter.
 Brand examples for electronic assembly and cleaning : 
  • Ecofrec™ TF 48, No clean adhesive flux.
  • Ecofrec™ 303, Water based flux, VOC free , No halide, No halogen
  • Ecorel™Free 305-6D , Lead free solder paste
  • Promoclean™ Oven 4


Brand examples for precision cleaning : 
• Promosolv41M, degreasing solvent, low toxicity, CFC and HCFC replacement
• Promoclean™ 186b 
• 3M Novec 7100
• Topklean™MC 20A
Brand examples for Fine Chemicals :
• Novaspray™ HFO 1234ze  
• NovexpansU11 (n-pentane)
• Liquid and gas distribution equipment for containers and bottles