Inventec history

When Avantec becomes Inventec

Site InventecInventec is the latest stage in various developments of the company. It was the result of the integration of the Dehon Group chemical performance activities, via the merger between Promosol and Sotragal.

After the ban on CFC in 1995, it was essential to react in order to offer developments to the market. With the creation of its High Tech Industry sector, the Group dovetailed with customer requirements, offering environmentally friendly products and services.

Allowing our customers to stay a step ahead has always been the true commitment of the performance chemicals arm of the Dehon group. Since the 1990s, our active stance in favour of the Environment has conveyed this commitment.

Some key dates 

  • 1995: CFC ban in Europe, 5 years before required
  • 2000: Highly contaminated SF6 recycling
  • Since 2002: Active participation in environment committees for drafting and implementation of the REACH regulation
  • 2004: Ban of lead in electronics
  • 2006: creation of a subsidiary in China and inauguration by Minister Christine Lagarde
  • 2007: Nobel Prize awarded to Al Gore and IPCC (Intergovernmental panel on Climate changes in which Inventec is actively participating)
  • 2010 : launch of the Reach support plan for SMEs by Minister Chantal Jouanno in our Bry sur Marne plant
  • 2012 : launch of INVENTEC GREENWAY ECOLABEL, the 1st Performance Chemicals ecolabel in our plant of bry-sur-Marne, France
  • 2014 : launch of INVENTEC GREENWAY ECOLABEL in Bilbao, Spain


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