Eco-concerned products and services


Our cleaning formulations have been CMR free since 2006 and in 2012 we launched a new approach named Greenway designed to improve our products based on measurable criteria of environment and user impact. An improvement in at least 3 criteria out of 10 without degrading any of the others results in the Greenway logo being awarded to an Inventec product or service. This process is controlled by the BVQI office. The continuous improvement process considers that chemical products are not black or white varying shades of grey... Inventing more sustainable products is a permanent effort.

Eco-concerned products and services


Health and environmental protection measures

The products formulated by Inventec must comply with health and environmental protection measures. They are finalized with our customers and tested on plant; They outstrip environmental regulations ROHS, VOC, F-Gas and REACH. They thereforebring down the risks of use; their composition is free of mutagen and carcinogenic substances, and they are non-toxic for reproduction (CMR).


The sustainable development approach led for a while by the company is also accomplished through the collection of empty packaging and used products, the revalorization or destruction.

INVENTEC has implemented a used solvent collection and treatment procedure. The products are collecting according to the applicable regulation and, if possible, revalorized to increase the shelf time.



Storage optimization to reduce CO² emmissions

Our sustainable development approach implemented for many years can also be seen in our collection of empty packaging and used products for recovery or destruction.

Inventec is also involved in eco-conception. Some of our products and packaging are stackable in order to load more into trucks.
This reduces the number of vehicles on the roads and brings down CO2 emissions.


Environmental policy and  ISO 14001 certification perimeter

To pursue our environmental approach, we want to certify our plants following the ISO 14001 standard

Document explaining our environmental policy

 Description of the application field of the ISO 14001 environmental management scope