Inventec and Interled collaborate in Brazil

Inventec Performance Chemicals and Interled have been collaborating to bring Inventec's High-Tech and Environmental Friendly Soldering, Cleaning and Coating solutions to the Brazilian market.

"The collaboration between Inventec and Interled is a natural combination of efforts in order to provide High-Tech solutions for the Brazilian Market which is eager to have access to the new generation of technologies and materials..." said Rodrigo SANCHEZ, Inventec CEO for Latin America.

"Brazil is a giant country developing state of the art technology and looking for new generation of materials and solutions for High tech industries, this collaboration with Inventec will open a very robust channel for bringing the new generation of solutions to our market..." said Ricardo HELMLINGER, Director of INTERLED.

Inventec Performance Chemicals: Inventec Performance Chemicals, with its Head Quarter in Paris, is for more than 45 years a worldwide solution provider of specialty chemicals for the Automotive, Aerospace, Medical and Energy industry.

Interled: A Brazilian based company with more than 21 years of experience, specialist in distribution and supply of electronic technologies for the energy management and LED lighting sectors.

Inventec & Interled

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