Gas activity transfer from Inventec to Soderec

Inventec Performance Chemicals SA, and Soderec International SAS, both subsidiaries of the Dehon Group, have decided to group the whole Fluorhydric Acid activity of the Groupwithin Soderec, from January 1st 2015.

“The transfer of this activity will allow us to strengthen our development on high tech chemical markets (electronics, aeronautics, precision mechanics, energy etc…) and in the chemical specialty supply (spray, foam expansion); on the long term, this will reinforce the worldwide position of the company in products and services,” has mentioned Patrice Rollet, Inventec General Manager.

Bertrand Bard, Soderec Chairman, has declared: “the Fluorhydric Acid, and more generally the handling of toxic and corrosive products, is the core business of our company. With this activity transfer, we are even more focusing on improving and optimizing our global services, for our loyal customers, in more than 15 countries.”

As the unique supplier of Fluorhydric Acid and its derivatives, and also its related services, for Inventec and the Dehon Group, Soderec is perfectly positioned to ensure the development of these activities.

The general organization of production, planning, transportation, quality, HSE remains the same. For you, only the sales and administrative interface (Sales, Sales Administration and Accounting) changes.

You will find the organization and the details of your different contacts at

We carry out this development with a lot of enthusiasm and remain at your service to answer any questions. Your main contact is Pierre Sauret, new Sales Director of SODEREC.

Your orders have to be sent, from now on, to Soderec International. The corresponding invoices will have to be settled to Soderec International.

In order to ensure the delivery as usual, any order, placed after January 1st 2015 to Inventec, will be sent immediately to Soderec for the order confirmation.

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