Cleaning of polishing paste on mechanical parts

The cleaning of polishing paste on mechanical parts is mainly used in the markets of watchmaking, eyewear, jewelery and goldsmithing.

Our aqueous process responds to the grinding of a wide range of materials and types of parts.

Promoclean ™ TP 1111 for easy and quick cleaning of the polishing paste without leaving any stain or residue which has excellent rinsability properties.

See the technical data sheet for Promoclean ™ TP 1111

For a perfect finishing, Promoclean ™ TP 1112 or TP 1114 can be used with Promoclean ™ TP 1111, thanks to their penetrating power they clean complex, sandblasted or micro-blasted parts while giving temporary protection.

The economic advantage of these products: low consumption of the product due to the low concentration used in baths.

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