Inventec can provide you with its know-how specific to various fields of expertise : Development and applications, Engineering, Maintenance, Training... 


Our development and applications services :

  • Formulation optimization and substitution        
  • Analysis
  • Customized sampling
  • Regulation monitoring: REACH, F-Gas, VOC (Decopaint)…




Our "turnkey" Engineering services:skid


«turnkey» : 

  • Outside, sub-bank or buried storage facilities for gas or liquids.
  • Skid of distribution and/or inversion for containers or bottles.
  • Skid of collection for liquids or gas (Up to 1 mbar abs).








Our Maintenance Services :

  • Preventive and regulatory maintenance: inspection, requalification, waterproofness
  • Curative maintenance: Repair Draining Cleaning 


Our Training Services :

  • Safety
  • Use and handling of hazardous products 
  • Regulations


Our Miscellaneous Services :

Collection of end-of-life and under pressure packaging and used products

Refrigerated equipment draining and collected fluids treatment (including DEEE)

SF6 electrical equipment draining and treatment of the collected products

Dismantling facilities: draining and inerting for tanks and networks

Intervention on storages: transfer and treatment of no-compliant product, transfer on damaged rolling stock...

Product recovery

Implementation of remote monitoring and deported stock management

Leaks detectors

Implementation of specific safety accessories, on request: flow limiters, special valves, flexible hoses...

Statutory Expertises