Since 1864 Inventec has been providing its expertise in storage and hazardous product handling.

We propose you a wide range of safe packaging from bulk 20 tons to 1 liter samples.

We can also fill your packaging if compliant with regulations. 



Depuis 1864 nous mettons à votre disposition notre expertise en matière de stockage et de manipulation de produits dangereux.

Range of Packaging :


  • Bulk:  Until 20 tons
  • Containers: 930 and 2350 liter containers 
  • Drums: 217 liter drums
  • Bottles*: 26 and 88 liter bottles 
  • Sample: 1 liter bottle 


* Our bottles are equiped with a double phase valve. This new technology "with membrane" limits the risks of leakage and permits you to select a product in gas or liquid state.



Our Packaging Offer:


  • At your disposal
  • For sale 
  • Re test 
  • Painting refresh 
  • Implementation of specific safety accessories, on request: cradles, sealings, flexible hose, valves...