Electronic assembly

Assemblage Electronique

The Inventec Electronic Business Unit is the unique materials company specialized in developing, manufacturing and commercializing soldering, cleaning and coating products for the assembly of printed circuit boards and semiconductors.

The main markets covered are automotive, aerospace, and energy - including solar and LED ligthing markets. Our materials deliver a balanced added value involving reliability, compatibility and sustainability; key elements for high end electronics.

BU Electronique d’Inventec formule et commercialise des produits de brasage, de collage, de nettoyage et de protection

ECORELTM solder pastes and ECOFRECTM fluxes developed by Inventec meet the increasing number of challenges in the electronics industry due to both the evolution of the technology itself, and to legislative challenges. For our customers, having the correct choice of materials certainly contributes to increase in long term performance and to drop in maintenance costs.

These formulations are at the crossroad of various sciences: Rheology, Chemistry, and Metallurgy, in the case of solder pastes.

Our formulated products go beyond the technical performances required by industry standards and beyond environmental requirements and legislations such as ROHS, VOC, REACH, and thus contribute to High Tech Industries sustainable development.

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Please check our recommendations on how to store and use our solder pastes.


• Automotive electronics plays a key role in the integration of safety, comfort, control and telematic functions. These electronic control units follow overall electronics trends such as miniaturization and lead free and some are located under the hood being exposed to severe thermal shocks.
ECORELTM solder paste guarantees an excellent electronic, chemical and mechanical reliability for solder joints. Moreover ECORELTM solder paste is formulated to match the high production rate of automotive assembly lines.

 Product example: Ecorel Free 305-21

Inventec Ecorel 21

ECORELTM FREE 305-21 solder paste is developed to offer very good wettability on different lead-free finishes, including OSP. Its large process window allows for good soldering of medium and large boards with a wide range of component sizes. Due to its outstanding organic properties itcan withstand multiple reflow cycles and offers low voiding. The solder joint is very shiny without grapping even on very small deposits. After soldering, the flux residue remaining on the PCB presents no electrochemical corrosion risk and does not have to be removed by a cleaning process.

 The improvement in electrochemical corrosion has been achieved using the BONO TEST as key technique to achieve the flux residues chemical remaining on the PCBA after soldering are chemically inert. Additional to that, it complies with all SIR industry standards.

• In aeronautics, the printed circuit boards have to be totally free of residue to avoid any low pressure degassing. The residues of the ECORELTM solder paste are totally eliminated with a high performance compatible cleaner, TOPKLEANTM EL 20A, also developed by our Electronic BU.