Ecorel Free™ 387-6D


ECOREL™ FREE 387-6D has been developed to address the diverse and complex requirements of the military industry:

  • No clean solder paste with chemically inert residue after reflow,
  • Paste compatible with conformal coatings qualified in the military industry, ie passes both the IPC SIR and BONO tests even after applying a polyurethane conformal coating,"
  • Very low ionic contamination without post reflow cleaning : ECOREL™ FREE 387-6D exhibits low ionic contamination after reflow and without cleaning,
  • Easy to remove paste residue using standard solutions when necessary, detergents or solvents can be used to for cleaning.

The spider chart below shows the excellent printing capabilities of ECOREL™ FREE 387-6D with long stencil life. High speed printing is possible. High and steady tack performance allows for component placement several hours after printing. Abandon time of several hours is possible with good printing restart.

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