SMT Assembly

Inventec has been developing, since more than 25 years, solder pastes which meet the production characteristics and reliability requests of its customers.


With its references in industrial High Tech markets, in the automotive, military, aeronautics fields, Inventec proposes a wide and complete range of ECORELTM and SOLDERELTM solder pastes with metallurgic, physical and chemical features.


ECORELTM solder pastes meet the increasing number of challenges in the electronics industry due to both the evolution of the technology itself, and new legislations. Halogen free, lead free, embedded technologies, hybrid assembly, miniaturization, and other requirements are covered.

  • Chemical reliability of residues after reflow.
  • Thermal cycling performance.
  • Compatibility with Conformal Coating in No Clean process.
  • Robust assembly process


 Please check our recommendations on how to store and use our solder pastes.




Alternative Alloys

No Clean Lead Free Solder Pastes


  • Cost reduction projects
  • Sensitive components soldering
  • Improved drop shock performance




More than 2 decades of experience in high reliability markets such as automotive, energy and aerospace. For our customers, having the correct choice of materials certainly contributes to increase in long term performance and to drop in maintenance costs.




 Inventec Ecorel Range







INVENTEC alternative alloys


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