Semiconductor Packaging

ECORELTM and ECOFRECTM soldering materials for processes such as ball attach (CSP, BGA), flip chip and wafer bumping used in the manufacturing of power semiconductors, flash memories, micromodules and hybrid assemblies.





Die attach

ECORELTM solder paste exhibits good wettability on Ni, NiP, Cu lead frames with low percentage of solder voids and excellent flux residue cleanability.




 Please check our recommendations on how to store and use our solder pastes.



Cleaning solutions after die attach for power semiconductors, especially when packaging is done using solder paste.

For hybrid packaging, our solutions can integrate water and solvent based chemistries to efficiently removed organic and inorganic residues remaining on the substrate.


INVENTEC has more than 10 years of experience cleaning the core of power electronics systems, the IGBT power modules, contributing to meet the desired reliability, performance, cost and environmental requirements.

Our offer includes different cleaning solutions for different cleaning steps for IGBT power modules assembly:

 Inventec Semicon Packaging

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