2 Soldering Cleaning & Coating solutions that support high reliability applications The Dehon Group has distributed quality chemical pro- ducts across Europe and the rest of the world since 1874. Throughout these years the group has gained confidence and recognition from major leading global manufacturers. INVENTEC Performance Chemicals, the merger of Promosol and Sotragal companies, has been serving the manufacturing industry for over 40 years. Today is one of the major European companies producing specialty chemicals. More than 40 years of leadership providing materials, processes and solutions for semiconductor packaging, electronics assembly, and precision cleaning for high reliability applications in high tech industries. Inventec offers: Unrivaled technical performance through permanent innovation. Technical experts who are at home, everywhere in the world, to implement our assembly material solu- tions and to support the requirements of our custo- mers because trust between people is the only way to build up progress. Responsive customer service with local represen- tatives. Environmentally-friendly products that protect health and safety. Our products apply to large sectors inclu- ding automotive, aerospace, energy, LED li- ghting, semiconductor, industrial, military and telecom. Our materials deliver a balanced added value integrating reliability, compatibility and sus- tainability, key elements for high end electronics. Our main brands: ECOREL TM solder pastes AMTECH solder pastes, tacky fluxes, preforms ECOFREC TM solder fluxes TOPKLEAN TM solvent cleaners PROMOCLEAN TM detergent cleaners PROMOSOLV TM cleaners, thin coatings Global presence: Inventec has 11 subsidiaries around the world and a large distribution network. Production sites in France, Switzerland, Malaysia, China, United States andMexico; all ISO 9001 certified and equiped with control and application laboratories to guarantee traceability for lot certification according to industry standards ABOUT Inventec Performance Chemicals