NovaSpray™ HFO 1234ze

NovaSpray™ HFO 1234ze


NovaSpray HFO 1234ze is a hydrofluoropropene. With constant quality, it meets all the aerosol industry requirements.


Non-flammable, NovaSprayHFO 1234ze offers large possibilities of use in aerosol formulations requiring safety measure (regulation, risk environment, confined environment). Using it permits you to reduce the flammability of many formulations up to non-flammability, according to the  2008/47/CE Directive.

Potentially Explosive Atmospheres (ATEX) equipment and protective systems are not required.

Novaspray™ HFO 1234ze is specially formulated to be a substitute for HFC 134a. Compared to HFC 134a, its main advantage is the effect on the environment with its slight impact on the greenhouse effect.

Low GWP:

Novaspray™ HFO 1234ze is a 4th generation fluorinated product. It is compliant with environmental regulations on HFC substitution. With no effect on the ozone layer and a slight impact on the greenhouse effect (GWP = 6), it is not concerned by the Kyoto protocol or subject to F-gas regulation (N° 842/2006/EC).

Our INVENTEC aerosol laboratory can support you with HFC 134a substitution and incorporate HFO 1234ZE in all your non-flammable formulations.

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